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Tiler & Waterproofing Services Gold Coast


Our professional tilers services on the Gold Coast includes advice and ideas from years of experience. We also provide a dustless demolition service for you by our qualified demolishers taking all the hard work out of your project. Our waterproofing service is performed by us to Australian Standards 3740. you will have trouble free water issues in your wet areas for years to come . We provide all plumbing fittings for waterproof applications. We also provide you with a form 16 Inspection Certificate for warranty and peace of mind. Our tiling service will be one you will be impressed with .We will help you pick grout colours to make your project look the best it can . Silicone sealing is vital to all tiling jobs and we use top quality silicones for finishing to make your project look fantastic

Our range of fixing
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Terrazzo
  • Marble
  • Mosaic
  • Natural Stone
  • Terracotta
  • Granite
  • Limestone
Aspects of tiles installed

At Integrity tiling & waterproofing Pty Ltd, we have extensive experience of fixing tiles of all types of surfaces . Nothing is a problem , and can be resolved by us so you have peace of mind to spend more time with the important aspects of your life . Our skilled tradesmen are highly regarded for their excellent quality , standards and workmanship. We have experience in all aspects of tiling including marble, granite , polished porcelain , slate and my favourite sandstone . We can install tiles whatever size you like to your kitchen , bathrooms , family rooms , bedrooms , garage or any of your outdoor areas . We will take you through the layouts of your project so that you are involved in the end result or we can simply do everything for you .

Silicone Sealing

Have you got problems with grout cracking ? Which can cause damage to the surrounding areas. A lot of water damage problems start from areas that either the silicone has been compromised or has not been installed correctly . We will assess the situation to see if your problem areas can be re siliconed to prevent further damage . We can fix that for you so your problem areas will be no more..All projects silicone

Acoustic Underlay Supply & installation

For Hi -Rise apartments and unit blocks this is a requirement for body corporates and we can look after that for you .we use high quality acoustic underlay systems so that you will have peace of mind .We also have data sheets and information for your body corporate to save you time which we will email at your request to them


We can look after any issues regarding demolition of your existing floor & wall coverings , so you can get on with your job .We have highly qualified demolishers that can remove your old and existing tiles ,carpet and lino with dustless equipment to keep your house clean. Unfortunately we can’t prevent all dust but will keep your house clean with a minimum amount of dust. A fast & efficient service is provided including .Complete rip out of your wet areas , Dustless removal of floor areas ,Removal of carpet


floors account for more surface area than anything else in a home, other than walls and ceilings. They set the tone for living spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms and main traffic areas, like the entrances to homes. And tiling can add a lot to those spaces if it’s done properly. Studies show that tile floors increase a home’s resale value more than any other flooring option. And it’s no wonder — they’re durable, attractive, easy to clean and available in a wide range of colors, patterns and finishes. Many ceramics now do a great job of imitating natural stone for a much lower cost. Usually when people get to the tiling stage of their renovation they get stuck. They don’t know if they should seal the tile, I recommend talking to your tile supplier about whether you will need to seal the grout or both. Do you do one before the other?. What type of sealer should you use ?. Many tiles are porous—especially natural stone like slate, marble or limestone. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are not. Depending on what your tiles are made of, you might need to seal them. Glazed ceramic tiles are stain resistant and easy to clean–same with porcelain. But unglazed tiles are porous and need to be sealed to make it stain and water-resistant. And you need to make sure the certain types of tiles are sealed before any grout is applied. If you don’t, the grout will absorb into the tile, making it cloudy and ruining the surface finish. If the grout penetrates the pores of your natural stone tile, it’s impossible to get out.

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Tiling & Waterproofing Services Gold Coast